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     So here's the moment you've all been waiting for...or not. I'm giving you a review for Travis's 5th studio album that is long overdue if I may say so myself. After 4 years of anticipation and fear that they might call it quits, Travis offered their fans and critics salvation after the horrible reception of their 12 Memories album. Personally, I didn't think it was as bad as everyone made it out to be. Beautiful tracks like "Love Will Come Through", "Quicksand" and "Re-offender" (and I didn't really mind "Beautiful Occupation" which some seemed to deem a catastrophy). 

     The Boy with No Name doesn't only show Travis returning to the style that gave them such a large fanbase (even the album cover is reminiscent of their pre-12 Memories covers), but also has them improving on it and showing some talent we haven't seen from them in a while since their first album. So, without further ado...

Thanks for reading...if you did.
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16 June 2007 @ 03:58 pm

So it's been really boring here lately. For some reason Alan and I have been bored out of our minds. I think we've pretty much been to everywhere we can go at least three times. It's his birthday soon and we're not sure about what to do. We'll see I guess.

So I got two new albums a while back but I just love them so much that I feel like I need to mention them. Not sure whether I want to write a track by track review of each yet...I'll see. So those albums are Favourite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys. The other is The Boy with No Name by Travis. They're both great albums that I can give 4.5/5. OK OK! TRACK BY TRACK AAHHHH!

The next post will be the review of The Boy with No Name by Travis.
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09 January 2005 @ 11:46 am
This journal is Friends Only!

I have gone back and made all my posts Friends Only! Wow, that took a while. So yea, just comment here and I'll add you as a friend.
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